Do it with Confidence.

I struggled with imposter syndrome for a very long time. If you don't know what that is, its struggling with the idea that you aren't deserving of something or doubting your skills and or the ability to meet certain accomplishments to sum it up. I still struggle with this at times especially after I made a career change. No matter how much I try to change the way I mentally approach things I always seem to have that moment where I struggle with learning new things, or can't manage to "get it right" and I find myself thinking that maybe I'm just not capable of doing it or go further into thinking maybe I can't handle something of that capacity. Again it's definitely a work in progress, and I know its something that I need to be rid of. I know that I am deserving and that I can accomplish anything as long I put the work into it. Nothing was out of my reach. I knew I had to change the way I approached everything. I knew that whatever I did I needed to do it with confidence! Everything! If it involved a work task that I knew nothing about, I now approach it with the confidence that I will retain the information to gain an understanding of how that specific thing works. If it’s my personal life , I approach things in a way where I know that I don't know everything and I am still learning new things. I accept that I may make mistakes but I will learn and grow from them. I approach the unknown with confidence in knowing that I will be just fine at the end of the day. So I say this to say, If you're gonna do something, anything, do it with confidence. Be so confident in yourself and know that you are deserving and kill that imposter syndrome that still lurks from time to time. Do it with Confidence!

-A.Michelle ❤️


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