It was Planted in Your Heart for a Reason...

I had a conversation with a close friend the other day and she shared her future goals with me. I noticed at times throughout the conversation se would always say little comments such as, "I don't know", or "Maybe I'm going too far with this". She thought that some of the ideas she wanted to bring to life were out of reach or that she was thinking out of the box and wasn't being realistic. It bothered me so much that I had to remind her that everything she was sharing with me was a privilege for me. I thanked her for being so comfortable to share such a big dream with me and ensured her that all of it was possible! All of it! I believe that your goals, your passion anything that drives you and gives you a purpose was meant for you. It was planted in your heart for a reason. You don't just mistakingly come across something, it was a part of your plan all along, you just had to discover it. I say this to say, no goal is too big or small. If you have a goal, put a plan in place and do the work necessary to meet that goal. Never doubt yourself, and always be confident in everything you do. Remember if you're gonna do it, do it with confidence.

-A.Michelle ❤️


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