Current Chapter in Life: Growth

Updated: May 8, 2021

These last couple of week have been full of lessons. I’ll be honest, it’s been overwhelming but worth it. I recently changed certain habits, I’ve prayed for very specific things for my life and I see the changes that has occurred since. I see now that those things that I’ve asked God for requires growth. It requires me to change certain habits. It requires me to tell my time where to go during my daily routine. It requires me to outgrow relationships (family, friends, significant others). It required me to stretch beyond what I was comfortable with and now I understand.

When we pray and ask for specific things in life, we cant expect them to just come to us. We have to prepare, we have to plan, we have to shape our minds, my bodies, our lifestyles in order to handle the things we ask for. We have to be willing to put in the work. Growth is my current chapter at the moment. I have learned that it’s okay to separate from things and people that you love in order to grow. It’s ok to be alone and focus on yourself without explanation. Once you’ve been forced to stretch out of your comfort zone, and put in unfamiliar spaces, you will be surprised at the level of potential you discover within yourself.

What chapter are you currently in? What ever that may be, remember to be patient and to be kind to yourself. It's an ongoing process.

-A.Michelle ❤️


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