What's Stopping You?

I know first hand what it's like to be held back from just simply starting. I have literally made up every excuse there was when in reality it was FEAR. Fear! Can you believe that? Well it's the truth! It's my truth. I have banked so many ideas that I never made a withdrawal on because I was scared. Scared of what others would think of me.I was afraid that people wouldn't get me or simply wouldn't understand my mission. Judgement, pride, ego, my past, lack of experience and many other things stopped me from taking the initial step to start. Hear me out! God kept pushing certain things on my spirit. Things I've been afraid to do would constantly weigh on my heart to the point where it became uncomfortable. I felt like I was doing myself a disservice as well as others, even thought no-one knew what my ideas were. Well let's just say I decided to walk with that fear. Take those steps even when it felt like a gut punch. What changed you ask? My faith changed. My faith grew stronger in God, in myself and truly believing a call from God trumps training and experience any day! I also knew that the longer I continue to stay stagnant I would become more and more uncomfortable by the day. I had to change my mindset and have faith that my level of experience wasn’t important because I knew God would provide me with the tools and equip me along the way! I just needed to start. I did just that!

When you are called to do something, take a chance and believe that God will provide you the tools to be successful. Training, experience, fear, your past, none of that matters when God has given you vision. You were ready when you got the call. 2022 is approaching but there still time in 2021 to start. Are you ready? Yes, you were born ready! Let’s take that step together.

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